Northpoint Hino Service



Peace of mind

It’s important to keep your Hino truck all Hino for optimum reliability and performance.
So when your Hino truck is serviced by Northpoint Hino together with your Maintenance Agreement, you can be a assured that only Hino genuine parts and accessories will be fitted by our fully trained factory technicians.

Why Use Genuine Hino Service?

As a genuine Hino service centre, Northpoint Hino provide approved service personnel who are specifically trained to work on and understand Hino products, making them the ideal place for all warranty work and regular services.

Hino Range of Service Protection


Your Service Advantage

Fully trained dealer service technicians gives you the Advantage.

No one knows your Hino better than our highly trained Hino service technicians who go through a comprehensive induction program and are mentored by highly skilled trainers and industry professionals. Only they can provide the expert service and care your valuable investment deserves at over 60 Hino dealerships and service centre locations around the country.

With the availability of capped price service, service agreements, a 5 years extended warranty and Hino Roadside Assist as part of the wider Hino Advantage suite of business-building services, you can rest assured knowing your Hino is operating to its optimum capability.

Capped Price Service Calculator

You can now control your operating costs and budget ahead with Capped Price Service, exclusive to Hino.

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Extended Vehicle Warranty

Your livelihood is worth protecting

When you buy a new Hino truck, you do so to secure your livelihood. Consequently, you’ve come to depend on it to perform at its optimum to get your work done. Day in, day out, year after year and with as little downtime as possible. 

We understand this only too well. That’s why we at Hino Australia offer our new Hino vehicle owners a 5 Year Extended Warranty with 5 year Roadside Assist when you purchase your vehicle.

It's for your peace of mind

By taking advantage of our 5 Year Extended Warranty you'll not only have peace of mind but also the security of knowing your vehicle will be repaired using Genuine Hino Parts fitted by factory trained technicians.

In addition, your Hino Extended Warranty is fully transferable to the new owner, adding value to its resale.

It simply makes good business sense, and for a minimal outlay, protects your business should the unexpected happen.


Hino Roadside Assist 

When you take delivery of your new Hino truck, you will automatically receive our Hino Roadside Assist package. This simply means Hino covers you whilst you’re out on the road for the same time as your Hino warranty period. It's a free service designed to give you total peace of mind should the unexpected happen. It's provided to all new Hino truck owners no matter if you’re an owner driver or a fleet operator in any transport and logistics industry in which you earn your livelihood.

Roadside Assist Extra

You can extend your Roadside Assist by 1 to 2 years with the Roadside Assist Extra Package.

Hino Roadside Assist Extra cover can be paid annually or to receive a $50 discount, purchase 2 years.


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Roadside Assist - Key features

Mechanical breakdown

Should the truck experience a mechanical breakdown, the Roadside Assist operator will arrange for an emergency roadside service person to come and help get it back on the road again.

Tyre & wheel changing

Hino Roadside Assist will help the driver change a damaged tyre or wheel using the truck’s own original equipment, however, if the spare tyre or wheel combination is not suitable, a tyre service specialist may be required. Any materials and labour charges they incur must be paid for at the time of the service. Should this not be possible, the truck will be towed to where it can be rectified and the credit card number provided to Hino Roadside Assist will be charged for any costs above the covered entitlements.

Flat battery

The roadside service person will firstly attempt a battery boost to start the truck, however, should they find that the battery is faulty and is still under warranty, they will arrange for a replacement to be delivered and installed. But if the faulty battery is beyond its warranty period, a replacement one may be supplied and installed and must be paid for at the time of service.

Out of fuel

Hino Roadside Assist will endeavour to provide diesel fuel to enable a truck to be driven to the nearest diesel supply facility - the immediate supply of fuel may be charged to the driver. If it is not possible or practical to provide diesel fuel, the truck will be towed to the nearest facility.
(Refer: Conditions of Supply - Towing & recovery)

Glass repair

In the event of glass damage, Hino Roadside Assist provides an emergency service or replacement under Hino’s warranty provisions. Should additional labour and parts be provided that are not covered by the Hino warranty, then such costs are to be paid for at the time of service.

Lockout or lost keys

If the keys have been lost or locked in the truck, the Roadside Assist service person will attempt to open the truck. However, the driver may be asked to sign an indemnity releasing the service person from any liability should damage be caused by this forced entry. Or if possible, Hino
Roadside Assist will arrange for a locksmith to attend at the driver's expense. The driver will be responsible for any costs over $50 (inclusive of GST) for such instances.

Hydraulic hose repair services

In the event of a hydraulic hose failure or malfunction, Hino Roadside Assist will arrange for a hydraulic service person to rectify or replace any hoses or parts covered by the Hino warranty. However, should any part or labour not be covered under the Hino warranty, then any costs incurred must be paid for at the time of service.

Message relay

In the event of a breakdown Hino Roadside Assist will relay any messages from the driver to family members, friends or business associates so as to notify them of any possible delays.

Interpreter service

An interpreter will be brought on line should the driver need assistance in communicating their details to Hino Roadside Assist.

Towing & recovery

Should Hino Roadside Assist be unable to get the truck mobile, towing will be arranged. (Refer: Conditions of Supply - Towing & recovery)

1. In the metropolitan area, the truck will be towed to the nearest Authorised Hino Dealer. Should the breakdown occur out of normal business hours, the truck will be stored and delivered to the nearest Authorised Hino Dealer as soon as it is practicable.

2. Caravans and/or any form of registered trailer that is in tow at the time of the service callout, will be transported at the driver’s expense to the same destination as the towed truck.

3. Alternatively, the driver may elect to have the truck towed to an alternate destination. However, the driver must agree to accept any additional towing costs incurred, over and above the Hino Roadside Assist towing allowance.

Accident co-ordination

Hino Roadside Assist with the assistance of the driver will proceed in the management of the incident. This could include advising the driver of their obligations at the scene of the accident, connecting the driver to an appropriate service provider, 000 emergency services, or a vehicle recovery operator. Hino Roadside Assist will remain on the line to ensure appropriate services are being provided.


Maintenance Agreements

Optimise the life of your Hino whilst minimising your operating costs

You’ve purchased your Hino truck for one primary reason – to earn a profitable income whilst building your business. However, the amount of profitability you achieve can be dependent upon your vehicle’s reliability.

Whilst our new Hino trucks are among the most technologically advanced on the road, it’s only good business sense for Hino to also protect their reliability by investing in factory-trained technicians and equipping them with the most up-to-date diagnostic tools. This ensures our customer’s Hino trucks will be maintained to factory specifications for optimum reliability. After all, once you’ve got your new Hino truck, you don’t need the sudden inconvenience of it being down due to an irregular maintenance regime.

This ends up being more costly and can cause even greater inconvenience to you, your delivery schedules, and especially to your customers. The flow-on effect can be quite damaging, and unfortunately, reduce your profitability, especially if you need to rent another vehicle in the interim. That’s why Hino offers new and used truck owners the choice of four specially tailored Hino Maintenance Agreements.





One monthly payment

The immediate benefit to your business is one monthly payment. This means no extra expense surprises and makes for easier business budgeting. Each level is tailored to match your vehicle’s Hino specified scheduled requirements, and is in conjunction with the vehicle’s kilometres and working application.

The second long term benefit will see the monthly payment being minimised by the vehicle’s optimised on-road productivity. This means that over an average five year life of the vehicle, the monthly payment may well be significantly less than the collective unscheduled services and repairs normally expected.

Choosing the right Maintenance Agreement that suits your budget and your business.


Saving you time and cost

Your Hino Dealer’s workshop is a vital part of your business team that can help deliver real savings to your operating costs through one of the specially designed Hino Maintenance Agreements. Depending upon your business size and vehicle application – whether a single owner-driver or running a larger fleet - Hino provides two options from which to choose that best suits your business.

The two levels are:

Level 1

  • Includes scheduled maintenance

Level 2

  • Includes scheduled maintenance
  • Plus replacement of consumables
  • Plus replacement of worn components
  • Plus full comprehensive driveline repair


Quick view of the advantages that will benefit your business

Feature Advantage Benefit
A service agreement that
meets your needs
Meets the specific needs of
your fleet – no more, no less.
Minimised service cost over an extended period.
Service workshop with factory
trained technicians, genuine
parts, the right tools
Proper and complete servicing to the right specifications. Better residual value.
National support Support is where you are;
not reliant on “there one day,
gone the next”.
No need to negotiate, no PO or authorities required at any time.
Does not include warranty Covers everything you want –
a one stop shop.
No arguments with maintenance or warranty – it is the same person.
Fleet data collected Strong, reliable support for
fleet management.
Strong and reliable support for COR and NHVAS requirement.
Agreement is with HMSA You deal with one strong
reliable company.
HMSA is committed to support you, the operator.
A set price for the agreed term Known costs. Quote to your customers with confidence.
Hino Dealer Workshops Trained using the latest
diagnostic technology
Fixed right first time – you don’t pay chasing in-correctly diagnosed problems.
Hino Dealer Workshops Accredited to do maintenance
agreements to highest standards.
Confidence of lower downtime, strong residuals and national support.
Hino Dealer Workshops No internal requirement for
operator workshops.
Lower operating costs, less training, reduced parts inventory, eliminates compliance requirements.