Hino 500 FE Series

FE Auto: Meet the new expanded range

With the introduction of the medium duty Hino FE Auto, Hino changes how you drive your business. 

The FE Auto features a full automatic transmission with true torque converter, adding to Hino’s already impressive range of automatics. Because whatever business you are in, Hino’s automatics are ahead of the game, so you are too.


Hino 500 FE Auto

Wheel Base Options



At 3750mm, our short wheelbase model is primarily designed for applications like sweeper, small garbage or tipping bodies.* 


This 4250mm wheelbase is great for high payload 8 pallet 5~5.5m pan bodies. It is also ideal for tippers, refrigerated pan, tipper and bulk tanker applications.* 


The Long 4850mm wheelbase is suitable for 5.5~6.5m general freight pan, tautliner, tilt and flat trays.* 


Our Xlong wheelbase is set at 5500mm. Combined with our Hendrickson Air bag rear suspension, this chassis is an ideal length for metro distribution 6.5~7m+ tautliner and pan bodies. This configuration is also great for tilt and flat tray applications.* 


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Hino 500 Series Tipper

Transmission Information Allison Automatic

The FE1426 Auto now comes with a factory installed Allison automatic transmission. This installation is a torque convertor driven, single overdrive, full automatic 2500 Series 5 speed transmission.

Complete with a HINO specific designed gear shifter, it is perfect for the 21st century trucker. From the rugged terrain of an active construction site to the busy streets and highways of a city, the HINO Allison transmission combination is designed and built specifically to deliver superior results, even in the most challenging work conditions. The FE1426 Auto uses a torque converter instead of a dry clutch, this allows for better driveability and slow speed manoeuvrability.

To get the most benefit out of every drop of fuel, the HINO J07E-TN engine works in sync with the sophisticated 5th Generation Electronic Controls of the Allison Transmission. 

Why Choose FE AUTO

Did you know?
  • Just like its little brother (The HINO 921), the FE1426 Auto is the most powerful automatic truck in its class.
  • Combined with the 794Nm HINO J07E-TN engine, the Allison 2500 series installation in the FE1426 Auto has superior acceleration and driveability.
  • In some cases, an FE1426 Auto can achieve the same payload as a larger 16t truck. Consult with your local dealer for more information
  • With 19in diameter wheels and low profile 70 series tyres, the FE1426 Auto can eliminate tyre side wall flex and as a result, is one of the best handling trucks in its class. 
  • PTO installation is easy with 2 openings at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock which allows for up to 339Nm of ancillary drive. Consult with your local dealer for more information.

Why Use Genuine Hino Service for your 500 Series SE?

As a genuine Hino service centre, Northpoint Hino provide approved service personnel who are specifically trained to work on and understand Hino products, making them the ideal place for all warranty work and regular services.

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