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The All-New HIno 500 Series Standard Cab

Hino 500 Series - Medium Truck, Tipper, Wide Cab & 4x4

Completely re-engineered from the inside out - to create the ultimate truck driving experience. Comfortable and intelligent, it takes the hard work out of driving.

Plus, keeping the truck streets ahead is the most comprehensive active safety package of any Japanese medium-duty truck.

It features a Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Pedestrian Detection, Safety Eye and Autonomous Emergency Braking. Adaptive Cruise Control, Vehicle Stability Control and Lane Departure Warning System are also standard. It’s smarter, tougher and safer.

With more than 90 models available, the outstanding Hino 500 Series range continues to offer trucks buyers total flexibility and choice.

This is the most comprehensive active safety package ever offered by a Japanese truck in the medium duty category. In an Australian-first for this class, Vehicle Stability Control is now standard across the new Wide Cab range.

All this complemented by a level of driver comfort you never thought possible.

With standard and wide cabin variants, three engine choices, build and go and 4x4 models, and Australia's most comprehensive range of chassis variants, there's a Hino 500 series for almost any purpose - no matter how tough.

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500 Series Features


It’s the cleanest Japanese medium duty truck in Australia, meeting Japan’s stringent pPNLT emissions standards (Equivalent to Euro 6). The secret is the exhaust gas after-treatment unit which contains a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and Diesel Particulate Reduction (DPR) system.




500 Series Cabin

500 Series Ergonomic Cabin Layout

All Hino trucks are ergonomically designed to provide a functional cabin, with fingertip controls and column stalks positioned so that the driver has no need to take their hands off the wheel at any time.
All 500 Series variants are equipped with clear-vision instruments, which can be read from all angles and in all lighting conditions. Every model is equipped with a tachometer, speedometer, and full suite of warning gauges and lights. The dash features blank DIN mounting slots (for additional radio equipment) and there are a number of switch mounting holes to cater for accessories that may be added.
All models have factory-fitted Denso air conditioning, cruise control and remote central locking with an integrated engine immobiliser, and  power-operated windows. 

All 500 Series models have factory-fitted Denso air conditioning and heated, power-operated exterior mirrors. Cruise control is standard equipment across the 500 Series range and all 4x2 manual transmission models have Easy Start hill-start assist. 

ISRI Driver's Seat for Comfort & Safety

Designed in Europe and universally accepted as the best seat on the market, the ISRI 6860 Series seat is fully air adjustable and can be configured to the body type of almost any driver.

Available for the first time, the next generation ISRI 6860 NTS2 driver’s seat offers the latest in comfort and adjustability. Along with an assortment of lumber support adjustments, it also features an audible seatbelt reminder and a SRS seatbelt pre-tensioner.

As an added comfort feature, the ISRI seat selected by Hino features a fully integrated seat-mounted seatbelt.

This means the seatbelt adjusts with the motion of the driver to prevent the painful belt-tightening that can occur with cheaper, pillar-mounted belts.

The seat also features a unique dual-stage Integrated Pneumatic System (IPS) to control lumbar support and side bolsters, using compressed air sourced from the truck’s onboard air supply.

The seat automatically senses the weight of the driver, unlike other styles of seat that require each driver to manually "dial in” their weight.

The ISRI 6800 Series seat is also standard equipment on all new Hino 700 Series heavy duty trucks.

Instrument Panel & Mulitmedia System

With improved visibility and functionality the 7” LCD Multi Information Display (MID) allows the driver to view safety performance, driving economy, vehicle performance, maintenance and vehicle system settings. Including the ECO Tree system that provides continuous feedback on driver efficiency.

The new high definition 6.5” touch screen Multimedia unit is in a class of its own with over-the-air updates to enhance software. It also has a curated Hino application store, so drivers can personalise their experience with apps for music, audiobooks, and the weather, and all readily available through Wi-Fi

Equipped with a reverse camera that includes both night vision capability plus a microphone to assist drivers when manoeuvring. Drivers will also enjoy almost 360 degree vision for improved safety when reversing, loading and unloading.


It’s never been easier to get in and out with a new seat position offering 48mm more adjustment. The truck has ample adjustability with the Tilt and telescopic steering wheel. Plus, generous-sized door openings and conveniently placed cab grab handles providing 3 point contact.






A05C Engine


J07 HIno Diesel Engine



Hino J08 Diesel Engine





Hino A09 8.9 Litre Diesel Engine


500 Series Engines


AO5C Twin Turbo 5 Litre Diesel 

Featuring a new A05 turbo five litre engine that delivers improved performance and operational efficiency, superior torque and reduced fuel consumption.

Producing up to 260hp and 882Nm torque at 1400 rpm, fitted with a true engine and exhaust brake, for exceptional downhill control.


JO8E Six-Cylinder Diesel

The improved six-cylinder J08E engine, available in 500 Series medium-duty wide-cab variants, delivers more power and torque and better fuel economy than its predecessor.

The J08E engine was updated to ensure Hino’s 500 Series engines conform with the strict Euro 5 emissions standard.

Improvements in the Hino 500 Series engines include new engine control units (ECUs), enhanced fuel mapping and effective variable-nozzle turbochargers (VNT) which improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Emission technology also includes using a cooled exhaust-gas recirculation system (EGR) and a diesel oxidation catalyst with a particulate filter (DPR) to break down various pollutants in the exhaust gases.

A09C Six-Cylinder Diesel

The powerful Hino A09C Hino six-cylinder 8.9-litre diesel is the most powerful option and now boasts up 257kW (350hp) at 1800rpm and 1422Nm from 1100rpm to 1600rpm.

This engine features electronic common-rail direct injection, exhaust gas recirculation, and is turbocharged and intercooled for maximum performance.

Like all Hino 500 Series engines the A09C meets Euro 5 emission standards without the addition of AdBlue.


500 Series Safety

ABS Brakes as Standard

Hino’s ABS brake package, combined with other safety features such as the Easy Start system, provide a comprehensive suite of active safety features as standard.

All standard-cab 500 Series models equipped with the J07E engine (FC, FD and FE) have a switchable Anti-Slip Regulator, and the FC model has the unique and highly functional four-wheel brake lock system.

Driver SRS Airbag

The comprehensive safety package on all Hino 500 Series medium duty trucks includes a driver’s SRS airbag.

In conjunction with other safety features such as ABS Anti-lock brakes and Front Under-run Protection as standard, Hino’s 500 Series medium duty trucks feature an unbeatable active and passive safety package.

Front UNder-Run Protection(FUP)

The FUP technology is incorporated in 500 Series trucks’ standard bumper bar and protects other motorists by preventing their vehicle from becoming trapped and crushed under the front of the truck in the event of a front-on collision.

FUP provides additional protection for the truck’s steering components to help the driver maintain control and come to a controlled stop, while also assisting in the deployment of the opposing vehicle’s airbags.

Hino is the first manufacturer in Australia to offer this lifesaving technology across all three categories of trucks – light, medium and heavy-duty.

Hino FUP is certified to Australian Design Rule ADR 84 & European Safety Standard UN ECE-93.

ECE-R29 Compliant Crash Safety

To meet the certification standard, Hino 500 Series trucks undergo frontal, rearward and roof strength tests.

This means that occupants have the peace of mind of knowing their truck’s cabin meets the internationally recognised European Structural Standards Regulation No. 20 (ECE-R29) for cabin strength.

In fact, Hino's entire range of light, medium and heavy duty trucks now comply with the ECE-R29 crash test standard.

In addition to this certification, the Hino 500 Series has as standard safety equipment driver's SRS airbag, Front Under-run Protection (FUP), ABS anti-skid brakes on all models including 4x4, and on all 4x2 manual transmission models, Easy Start (ES) for hill-start assist, and electric and heated exterior mirrors.


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