Hino 700 Series

Prime Mover and Heavy Duty Truck

With nine heavy-duty models in its line-up, the Hino 700 Series heavy duty range gets the job done with the ultimate combination of Japanese quality engineering and build quality, combined with European levels of standard safety equipment and lifesaving technology. 

Hino 700 Series buyers have the choice of 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 driveline configurations, suited to both prime-mover and rigid trucking applications.


700 Series Features

  • 12.9 litre, common rail, turbo / intercooled, OHC diesel engine

  • 321 to 353 kW power options ISO Net

  • 1716 to 2157 Nm torque ratings ISO Net

  • Full air brakes with ABS

  • Jacob-type engine brake

  • 6 rod and air suspensions for rear axles

  • Cruise control

  • Eaton RTLO transmissions

  • 4005, 4310 & 4575 mm wheelbases

  • Sleeper berth cab with a high roof dual berth variant

  • Air conditioning

  • Power windows

  • Electric controlled and heated mirrors

  • GVM of 28,300 kg

  • GCM form 50,000 to 72,000 kg
















Hino 700 cabin

Hino 700 Series side view


700 Series Ergonomic Cabin Layout

The Hino 700 Series cabin is one of the most inviting workplaces in the heavy-duty class, boasting class leading features and equipment. It begins with cabin entry. Enhanced access door steps offer greater ease and safety of entry and exit to the 700 Series. The doors open 90 degrees and the deep grab handles are self-cleaning to prevent slipping in poor weather.
All of Hino’s 700 Series heavy duty trucks have the fully air adjustable ISRI 6860 Series seat with fully integrated seat-mounted seatbelt. The seat can be configured to the body type of almost any driver and provides the ultimate in cabin comfort.
Foot and leg space has been further increased by raising the lower edge of the instrument panel. Hino 700 Series' features include a floor-mounted auto-shift lever, for a more natural shift feel. 
There's a new, easy-to-read LED backlit instrument cluster with multi-information display, improved switch operability and increased storage space.
Storage space includes a wide free rack, bottle holders, convenience hooks and at least two spare DIN spaces in the centre of the dashboard. There's also door pockets, centre console storage, a centre-seat tray and overhead console.


Hino E13 Engine

HINO E13 common-rail diesel engine

Renowned for its long-term durability and reliability, the E13 12.9-litre Hino six-cylinder diesel is not only economical to run, but provides excellent throttle response and torque for heavy duty applications.

Hino 700 Series models are powered by either a 321, 331 or 353 horsepower variant of the E13 12.9-litre engine.

Fully Euro 5 emission standard compliant, the E13 engine features a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, utilising AdBlue as an exhaust treatment to dramatically reduce harmful Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions.




700 Series Seat



ISRI Driver's Seat For Comfort & Safety

Designed in Europe and universally accepted as the best seat on the market, the ISRI 6860 Series seat is fully air adjustable and can be configured to the body type of almost any driver.

The ISRI 6860 seat’s height, rake, cushion tilt, backrest, lumbar support, side bolsters and weight setting can all be adjusted by the driver using easy-to reach controls on the side of the seat.

As an added comfort feature, the ISRI seat selected by Hino features a fully integrated seat-mounted seatbelt.

This means the seatbelt adjusts with the motion of the driver to prevent the painful belt-tightening that can occur with cheaper, pillar-mounted belts.

The seat also features a unique dual-stage Integrated Pneumatic System (IPS) to control lumbar support and side bolsters, using compressed air sourced from the truck’s onboard air supply.

The seat automatically senses the weight of the driver, unlike other styles of seat that require each driver to manually "dial in” their weight.

Crash Saftey and FUPS

Hino 700 Series occupants have the peace of mind of knowing their truck’s cabin meets the internationally recognised European Structural Standards Regulation No. 20 (ECE-R29) for cabin strength.

In fact, Hino's entire range of light, medium and heavy duty trucks now comply with the ECE-R29 crash test standard.

In addition to this certification, the Hino 700 Series SH variant has (as standard) four-wheel disc brakes with Electronic Brake System, ABS anti-skid brakes and Vehicle Stability Control, and electric and heated exterior mirrors.

The FUP technology is incorporated in the SH 700 Series trucks’ standard bumper bar and protects other motorists by preventing their vehicle from becoming trapped and crushed under the front of the truck in the event of a front-on collision.

FUP provides additional protection for the truck’s steering components to help the driver maintain control and come to a controlled stop, while also assisting in the deployment of the opposing vehicle’s airbags.

Hino is the first manufacturer in Australia to offer this lifesaving technology across all three categories of trucks – light, medium and heavy-duty.

Hino FUP is certified to Australian Design Rule ADR 84 and European Safety Standard UN ECE-93.








Eaton RTLO 18 Speed Manual

The world-renowned Eaton RTLO 18 speed transmission is perfectly suited to a wide variety of long-haul heavy duty applications.

With 18 forward gears and 4 reverse ratios, the constant mesh Eaton box has been optimised for use with Hino's 12.9-litre six cylinder engine.

Available on all Hino 700 Series models, the Eaton box features full hydraulic clutch control with air booster and 387mm twin dry-place ceramic clutch for long life and maximum durability


Proshift 16 Automated Manual Transmission

Hino's outstanding ProShift 16 AMT (a version of the world-class ZF AS TRONCIC transmission) has been applauded by customers around Australia for its ease of use, long-term durability and ability to significantly reduce fuel consumption when driven under certain conditions.

Featuring 16 forward gears and two reverse ratios, the fully automated manual requires no clutching by the driver (the truck is a simple two-pedal only vehicle).

The transmission is fully electronically controlled, with the ability for the driver to select a sequential manual mode for on-demand shifting



Why Use Genuine Hino Service for your 700 Series?

As a genuine Hino service centre, Northpoint Hino provide approved service personnel who are specifically trained to work on and understand Hino products, making them the ideal place for all warranty work and regular services.

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