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Northpoint Hino Finance

To complete the purchase of your Hino, Northpoint Toyota offers an extensive range of finance options through Hino Financial Services, a division of Toyota Finance.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring customers get the best possible service and products to meet their individual needs.

For more information regarding Hino Financial Services fill in the Enquiry Form or Call.


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Your Hino Finance Advantage

A real Advantage when it comes to growing your business.

Hino Financial Services provide flexible finance solutions that will enable you to take advantage of a new Hino vehicle quicker and easier than ever before.

Backed by the strength of Toyota Financial Services, there is no better way to buy a Hino Truck that suits your business needs than with Hino Financial Services.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to finance one vehicle or 50, Hino Financial Services offer a range of flexible finance options to suit every business - such as a Hino Finance Lease, Hino Business Vehicle Loan, or Hino Fleet Financing.

Term Purchase

  • Interest rates are fixed for the term
  • Terms are negotiable with a range of 12–84 months*
  • For tax and accounting purposes the operator is treated as the owner (i.e. on-balance sheet financing)
  • Depreciation allowances may be claimed
  • Ownership of trucks and buses is passed to customer upon payment of final instalment

Finance Lease

  • Interest rates are fixed for the term
  • Terms are negotiable with a range of 12–84 months*
  • Finance leases are accounted for on-balance sheet
  • Lessee is responsible for the payment of any shortfall between the sale proceeds or value of the vehicle and the present residual value at the end of the lease
  • Preserves working capital – funds can be invested in other parts of the business

Business Vehicle Loan

  • Interest rates are fixed term
  • Terms are negotiable with a range of 12–84 months*
  • Your business owns the vehicle and HFS takes a mortgage over the vehicle so it remains an asset of your business
  • NO GST is payable on payments made on BVL
  • ITC (if applicable) can be claimed up-front via business activity statement

Fleet Financing

An operating lease enables customers with 20 or more trucks and buses to outsource vehicle acquisition and disposal, passing the risks of ownership onto HFS. The customer may choose any or all of the Fleet Management Services as part of their monthly payment.

Features and benefits:

  • 100% funding at a known monthly cost
  • Simplified administration as lease rentals, normally fully tax deductible (except luxury vehicles), are expensed at the same rate in profit and loss account and cash flows
  • No liability or asset is shown on the balance sheet
  • Maintenance risk is eliminated as tyres, registration and other running costs can be built into the rental to provide the customer with a known fixed expense for varied terms and kilometres
  • Fleet servicing and OH&S compliance is managed by qualified mechanics using HFS’ purchasing power on trucks and buses, labour and parts
  • Resale risk is eliminated, as vehicle is returned to HFS at the end of lease term with no residual value liability