Hino Parts & Accessories

Why Use Genuine Hino Parts?

- A three year unlimited kilometre warranty on all Genuine Hino Parts and a range of Hino

- Your vehicle will be looked after by fully trained factory technicians.

- The Hino Parts operation services our Dealers seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

- The 5,000 square metre central warehouse holds over 30,000 lines, with a sophisticated
distribution system and built on bar coding technology, allowing rapid delivery.

Hino operate a service feedback system between customers, dealers, head office and the parent company in Japan. This allows swift and decisive action to be taken in response to customer's problems and is an integral part of a continuous improvement policy.

Considering how competitively priced Genuine Hino Parts and Accessories are, there's absolutely no reason for having to risk your Hino vehicle by relying on non-genuine parts from suppliers you don't know.

Great Deals on Hino Genuine Parts

Hino Genuine Parts Offer

Your Hino truck is more than a famously reliable way to transport goods and equipment. It’s a sizable road going enterprise. A business on wheels with considerable capital tied up from day one and high expectations to return a profit today, tomorrow and over the next ten years. Fortunately, it’s a performance scenario that Hino Genuine Parts have been designed and engineered for. The longer your Hino stays on the road trouble free, the more opportunity there is to maximise business returns over the life of the vehicle. 

This is exactly what Hino Genuine Parts fitted by authorised dealership service centres offer:

Reduced lifetime running costs and improved productivity – While also improving performance, profitability and minimising downtime.


Hurry into Northpoint Hino and take advantage of our competitively priced Hino Genuine Parts for the 300 Series Euro 5 Wide Cab trucks*.


Only applicable to the 300 Series Euro 5 wide cab models XZU700R, XZU710R, XZU720R & XZU730R.
#Prices are inclusive of GST. View full terms and conditions on 3 Years Unlimited Kilometre Parts Warranty. 

Hino Genuine Truck and Bus Parts and Accessories Catalogue

Your Hino truck is a key part of your business. So in order to help you keep your Hino in tiptop shape, we have a great range of Hino Genuine Parts and Accessories on offer.


Genuine Oils and Lubricants

Xtreme protection for hardworking Hino trucks

Because we know our diesel engines, transmissions and drivelines, we know what needs to go into the lubricants that will give them the extreme protection they need to cope with Australia’s extreme operating conditions. Protection that maximises each component's performance, durability, and a longer, productive life. After all, you bought your Hino to work hard, day after day, year after year, with as little trouble as possible.

Genuine lubricants - your peace of mind

When you use Hino Genuine Series oils, you’re guaranteed they're Hino approved for peace of mind. The advanced formulations of our diesel engine oils, transmission and driveline lubricants are specially tuned to Hino's latest technology. They're designed to reduce wear, provide excellent oxidation stability, reduce oil consumption and ensure exceptional component cleanliness.

Whilst Hino Genuine Series oils are blended to the latest Hino technologies,the superior formulation will provide even greater protection and enhanced performance for older vehicles. This simply means your Hino will enjoy a longer, more productive life adding to your operating profitability with less maintenance or early vehicle replacement cost.



Hino Parts Warranty


Accessories Warranty

Parts Warranty

Your Hino truck is a key part of your business. Our business is to help you make as much money with it as possible. So in order to help you do so, we've introduced a great new warranty.


Buy any Genuine Hino Part or Accessory fitted by an authorised Hino dealer and we'll give you a three year warranty with unlimited kilometres during this period. Since it applies both to the parts and labour it makes brilliant business sense no matter what model Hino you drive.

Should you, for some reason, have a Genuine Hino Part or Accessory fitted by anyone other than an authorised Hino dealer, we'll still give you a one year/100,000 kilometre warranty on the Part or Accessory based on whichever comes first.

No matter where your Hino might take you, you'll also find that both these warranties are available right across Australia and right across the range of Hino dealerships. They're also available on every one of Hino's comprehensive range of trucks from the Hino Light and Medium Duty ranges right through to our Heavy Duty trucks and our buses.


3 Years Unlimited Kilometre Accessories Warranty


When you buy any Hino genuine accessory and have it fitted by an authorised Hino dealer, you’re fully covered for three years* – keeping your Hino 100% Hino by only using genuine accessories.

It all adds up to the better value only Hino Genuine Accessories can deliver.

To find out more information, contact Northpoint Hino.


Hino Genuine Series Batteries

Welcome to Hino’s new Genuine Series batteries – made in Australia to meet Australia’s extreme conditions. They’re designed for more than just starting power, Hino Genuine Series batteries sustain constant loads for running on-board accessories and equipment.

Like all Hino’s genuine parts, Hino Genuine Series batteries are extremely durable. Internal glass mat separators bind the battery plates securely together to resist the effects of vibration damage and help prevent early battery failure. Robust materials ensure outstanding corrosion resistance to deliver longer battery life.

Hino Batteries


* The 3 year / unlimited kilometre warranty applies to defects in workmanship and materials only, and does not cover fair wear or tear of the part / accessory. The 1 year / 100,000 kilometre warranty applies to defects in materials only, and does not cover defects in workmanship or fair wear or tear of the part / accessory. If the genuine Hino part or accessory is modified in any way, any Hino warranty that may have been applicable to that genuine Hino part or accessory, including but not limited to the 3 year / unlimited kilometre warranty and the 1 year / 100,000 kilometre warranty is voided.